Density and Buoyancy

What is density?  What is buoyancy?   Here are some videos and activities to help answer those questions.
 First, let's head back in time to understand a very old problem and a very old solution.

Now that you've been introduced to Archimedes' Principle, try this activity:
Determining Density
Then, watch the video below to learn more about density.

For a full explanation, read more at Vision Learning.
Then try any of these virtual experiments:

Lab 1
Lab 2
Lab 3
Lab 4
Lab 5
Lab 6

Now that you know about buoyancy, can you explain why ice floats?
The video below will tell you why.

Here's a favorite experiment:

Now that you've learned all about density and buoyancy, try these quizzes to see what you remember!

Quiz 1
Quiz 2