Time Travel

What is that drawing?  A snowflake?  No, it's actually a diagram showing how time travel is possible.  You can read about it here.  But could it really be possible?

In a recent study, quantum physicists proved that parallel universes exist.  This means that time travel ought to be possible.   Isn't that amazing? 

The basics of time travel theory go back to Einstein.  In this short video segment, you can watch a young boy explain it very simply.   A site by PBS can help you think like Einstein and reason through the theory of time travel yourself.

But perhaps you're more interested in figuring out the real science behind popular science fiction.  Then you should check out this time travel site, where you can learn about time travel in movies.  For example, how did Hermione's time turner work in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?"  And if you mess up the past, would you really see yourself disappearing, as Marty McFly did in "Back to the Future?"

After learning all this, you'll probably want to get started building your own time machine, right?  Give it a try with the Science Channel's very cool time machine builder.   You'll really enjoy it!

What do you think of time travel?  Some people think that even if it's possible mathematically, it can't really be done.  Do you agree? 


  1. Thank you for this! This has been a topic of discussion around here for a couple years. My oldest son is very interested in this topic. I totally think that it is possible ~ with a spiritual component.

  2. Jeremy5/26/2010

    Time travel does make sense, but it's one of those things like human cloning; should it be done? Probably not. At least, it shouldn't be done by us. I imagine, though, that God is able to know all things by somehow using the flexiblity of time. It's beyond our comprehension, but I bet He gets it.

    1. Anonymous7/29/2013

      Yeah... maybe beyond YOUR comprehension, but all it requires is a rotating black-hole to create a ring of singularity, pulling space-time into the ring, and tearing a hole in the middle. Anything passing through that event horizon would then be sent through time, out a white hole. The universe already does this on it's own, we just need to learn to make one ourselves (not really too hard) and control it's rotation and learn how to target specific times.
      Little info graphic to help you wrap (or, bend?) your mind around things.

  3. Anonymous5/26/2010

    I would like to go back in time so I could just see history instead of reading about it in a book.

  4. Anonymous5/26/2010

    I just have to get a few more parts before my flux capacitor is operational again.

  5. Hi, and thanks for following my blog!! I am in a play that involves time traveling! Those are some neat facts about time travel I didn't know!!

    Thanks again

    a.k.a. Sniper a.k.a. Jinx

  6. Captain Jinx, a.k.a. Sniper,
    You have a cool blog. I hope you are submitting something for the kids carnival coming up soon. May we include you in our student blog list on this site?
    Have fun in your play!
    Professor@WorldStarAcademy, a.k.a. Ms. Tatiana

  7. I am really interested in time travel. I like all your links!


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