The Maya - History and Culture

El Castillo in Chichen Itza
image courtesy of philop, via

Ball Court in Copan
image courtesy of Adalberto Hernandez Vega

     The Maya civilization flourished from about 200 - 900 A.D.  Their sophisticated achievements in architecture, math, astronomy and writing are amazing.  Yet their culture seems rather barbaric, too, as seen in their "ball game," which always ended with the losers being decapitated.  

Find out more about the Maya at the sites below.  (Our favorites are in red.)

Temple of the Warriors
image used courtesy of Keith Pomakis

Interactive Sites


Masterpiece Revealed (click "launch interactive")
Jade Mask
image by Ver Abajo
Meso-American Art


Decode Stela 3 (click "launch interactive")
Cracking the Maya Code (video)
Timeline of Decipherment  (click "launch interactive")


National Gallery of Art  (great printable guide )
Figurine of Classic Maya Warrior
image by Michel Wal
About Copan
About the Mayan Calendar
"Mayan Mysteries" - by NASA
Maya Culture

Other Links

Quiz 2
Lost Kingdom of the Maya (snagfilms video)
King of the Maya  (youtube video)
Maya Today

What did you learn about Maya civilization and culture?  Do you think you would have enjoyed life during the age of the great Maya kingdoms?


  1. I learned there are a lot more Mayan ruins than I ever knew about. I think I'd like eating their tropical fruits, but I'd pass on the ball game and blood sacrifices. I wonder if they disappeared so quickly because of mass starvations, and then the dead -or dying - were just burned as more sacrifices.

  2. Anonymous12/20/2012

    According to my Mayan calendar I'd better write this today. If I wait until tomorrow it may be too late. My question is do you think the Mayans are waiting to do their Christmas shopping until after Dec. 21, 2012?

  3. Anonymous2/01/2013

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