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Illuminated Manuscripts
The Abstract Kandinsky
Lascoux Cave Paintings
Cy Twombly
The Green Fiddler
Arcimboldo's Art
Claude Monet

To see the largest collection of art anywhere, go to the The Web Gallery of Art.  You can search for any artwork or any artist, go on amazing virtual tours, listen to music, and send postcards all from the site.  This is a great resource for preparing art reports and for exploring art history.

The eastern facade of the Louvre  (photo credit here)
For the ultimate virtual tour experience, check out the site Art Museums Worldwide.  You can click anywhere on the map and explore a museum from anywhere in the world, including a fabulous tour of the Louvre.  You'll find more museums than you can imagine and learn that people everywhere from Singapore to Bermuda appreciate art.  If you find a site that's not in your language, look for language options on the site itself (like at The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art).

For lots of fun art activities, try the interactive programs available from the National Gallery of Art's website:

The Albright-Knox Art Gallery of Buffalo, New York, has a wonderful interactive site where you can explore many different paintings, including Frida Kahlo's self-portrait, shown on the left.

What would happen if you fell into this painting?
Or other paintings? 

Give it a try and
have fun exploring at
Inside Art.

Who are the greatest painters of all time?  You can see in the timeline below. 
Click on an artist to learn more about him.

If you were to create a flower, how would you design it?  At you can build your own flower by selecting petals, colors, and shapes.  No matter your artistic ability, it will give you a new appreciation for symmetry and balance!

Leonardo da Vinci was an extremely talented man.  For a fun activity that takes you to his workshop, go to

You can study the painting below by J.M.W.Turner and learn the basics of watercolor technique at